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April Featured Artist

Jake’s Clay Art: Animation and Energy

Crozet Artisan Depot is thrilled to present the lively and colorful pottery of Jake Johnson in a show and sale from April 1-30, 2019. Jake will be at the Meet the Artist Reception on the Second Saturday April 13th from 3-5pm in the historic Crozet train depot.


A full-time potter based in Waynesboro, VA, Jake Johnson’s pottery can be seen in exhibitions and galleries across the US.  His work is brimming with personality and not wedded to a particular tradition or style.  Infused with a sense of animation and energy, Jake’s art is inspired by tempo or mood and often influenced by his avid interest in nature and biology.  Many of the forms and surfaces he creates are drawn from his experiences hiking in the woods and picking up objects along the way. His functional pottery engages users in both a visual and tactile way, while also fulfilling a purpose.


“For me, working for myself and making things with my hands makes me feel more grounded and perhaps even more human.  I think I was drawn to clay because of its working properties. Clay is a very squishy, soft, malleable material. These are qualities which I fully embrace and exploit in making my pieces. By giving my work just some of the basic qualities of life - a sense of movement, growth, and breath - the pieces develop presence and take on unique personalities and trajectories. I strive to give a feeling of animation to my work that suggests gesture.”