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Application Process

Crozet Artisan Depot is a hub for the artisan community of Central Virginia, representing the work of approximately 80 artists.  We are dedicated to promoting and showcasing beautiful, handmade art and artisan crafts.

The Call to Artists is open to all artists in all mediums.  The first step of application is performed by completing and submitting the online application.  High quality photo images are encouraged.

We review new online applications quarterly at the end of each quarter, we will then contact you within 1 week to let you know if you have been advanced to the next level.

If your application is advanced, you will be contacted to schedule a 15 minute, in-person interview to talk about your work and show us at least 5 physical examples of your work. You, the applicant will be notified, within 1 week of completing the in-person interview, with a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do you choose work for the gallery?

A.  During the review process, we ask ourselves many questions. What is the quality of the craftmanship? How unique is the work? Is there attention to detail? What are the display needs for this work? Does it compete, duplicate, or compliment work we currently offer? Do we think it will be something our customers will like? Does this work elevate the artistic level of the gallery? All these things, and many more, are taken into consideration when deciding.

Q.  Is there a specific type of work you are looking for?

A.  No.  However, we highly recommend you visit the gallery before applying.  If you work in a medium that is already well-represented, that will be a difficult choice.  Very large or oversized works, or works needing a lot of display space will not likely be chosen due to the size of the gallery space.

Q.  I work in more than one medium.  Should I submit a little of each and let the gallery decide?

A.  It may be tempting, but no!  We want to see that you have a line of work. Variation within a medium is OK.  For example: if you are a potter, it’s OK to submit mugs, platters, vases, bowls.  If you’re a photographer, it’s OK to show us framed work, matted prints, and cards made from your images.  But stick to one medium.  We will not accept applications that include work in more than one medium.


Q.  Does the gallery take a commission on sales?

A.  Yes.  All the work in our gallery is sold on a straight consignment arrangement where the artist receives 60% and the gallery takes 40% of the sales price.  However, in order to staff the gallery we invite a small number of artists to work at the the gallery in exchange for a higher percentage of their sales. The arrangement is that in exchange for working 10 hours in the gallery each month the artist will receive 75% of their sales.  There is no monthly gallery fee.

Q.  If accepted, is there a contract to sign?

A.  Yes.  Each artist in the gallery receives a written contract, detailing the terms of our consignment arrangement.  Sales performance of each artist's work is reviewed monthly.  Either the artist or the gallery can choose to terminate the contract with 30 days notice.


Any other questions should be addressed to:

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