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Located in the historic Crozet Train Depot
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Kary Haun Studio

In studying ceramics I have always been fascinated by the complex problem of integrating three essential elements of ceramic design: form, surface, and function. My forms are a wheel-thrown mixture of the mechanical and the whimsical, flowing lines and hard edges, with many pieces altered after they come off the wheel.


The surfaces are then treated as a blank canvas. Rather than dipping or pouring glazes, I like the control of a sprayed surface where I can blend colors softly or create graphic shadow images using drawn and cut stencils.


What I love about creating functional pieces of art is the vision of their usefulness. The idea of the viewer or user having a relationship with the piece that speaks to their love of food and drink whether pouring, serving or sipping. While I am creating my work, I envision its function while giving it a reason to not simply be hidden behind a cabinet.